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Buyer’s Guide: 3 Types of Refrigerators to Consider

Buyer’s Guide: 3 Types of Refrigerators to Consider

Buying a new refrigerator requires that you inspect the specific features of the competing models to choose the perfect unit for your family’s needs. Today’s refrigerators come in an assortment of arrangements that allow you to tailor your selection to the precise demands of your lifestyle and kitchen décor.  High-end models are able to be built with paneling to match your kitchen’s cabinetry. For this purpose of this guide, only those models available in stock format will be covered. 

Though categorically “stock”, some of the refrigeration models available at your local hardware warehouse come equipped with a wide range of exciting features. There are three main types of refrigerators from which you can choose.


Side-by-side refrigerators are those models that are divided in two, down the middle, to offer a refrigeration compartment on one side while the opposite side is designated for freezer duty. The differences in the various models are found in places such as the door components and interior space.

Side-by-side refrigerators that come equipped with door components allow user’s the ability to accessed water and/or ice from the front of the door – without having to open the refrigerator doors. This feature comes in handy by delivering filtered cold water and ice made from filtered water at the push of a button.

The interior space varies as some models offer more freezer space than others, while certain models use creative shelf arrangements to maximize the available space inside the unit.

Freezer on Top

Offering a mostly traditional two-door arrangement, the refrigerator units with the freezer on top represents a well-recognized standard. Don’t be fooled by the familiar arrangement; these contemporary units can come with features ranging from adjustable, spill-proof shelving and door compartments, to multi-zone temperature settings.

Freezer on the Bottom

More and manufacturers offer a refrigerator model that positions the freezer on the bottom. More than just a styling preference, the freezer being the part of the unit that is commonly accessed less frequently, the upper refrigeration compartment is able to be set at a higher and more comfortable height for most users. Like the side-by-side and freezer on top models, the freezer on the bottom arrangement can be fitted with a slew of modern features that give users the ability to create a cooling compartment that directly reflects the family’s needs.


For those who take pride in their carbon footprint or even families looking to trim their energy budget; refrigerators are available that put efficiency at the forefront. You can choose from models that allow for separate temperature zones to keep the items that need to be coolest at a colder temperature, while lessening the burden on the unit’s cooling element for areas of the cabin that requires less cooling effort. Additionally, for those items that are most often accessed in the refrigerator; you can choose a model with a separate cabin in the front that can be opened without opening the whole refrigerator door. Not having to work to re-cool the entire inner cabin saves energy. Save the planet and save money.

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