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Deliver a Respectful Employment Refusal Letter

Deliver a Respectful Employment Refusal Letter

There may come a time when you are offered a position employment, a time when you have also received or are waiting for competing offers, that you will need to graciously and respectfully refuse an offer. The manner with which you refuse the offer can in some cases determine the availability of other professional opportunities in your future. In order to avoid burning bridges or professionally offending the person or organization that extended you an offer of employment, you should take great care in the way that you refuse the offer so as to leave open the possibility of working with or for the person or organization in the future. 

The structure of your refusal letter should maintain the respect you wish to convey. Address the letter to the person who extended you the offer of employment. If sending an e-mail, send e-mail to the person or department that extended the offer of employment, not to any general e-mail address or other employee of the company not related with human resources. Be sure to include the title of the addressee, their department, and a professional salutation. 

Begin your letter by expressing appreciation for their extension of employment. A complete and professional letter will spend a brief portion of the body expressing the positive reasons an opportunity with the company would be beneficial. After extending the courtesy of commenting on the benefits should you have accepted the offer, make a decisive transition into explaining that it is your decision to refuse the offer. If you're refusing the offer because you have agreed to accept another offer, you have the choice of divulging the differences in the two offers. One example could include: Expressing how the job you've chosen to take allows you greater for flexibility and opportunity than the position offered by the employer whose offer you are refusing. You always have the option available to not go into detail about any of the circumstances surrounding your choice. 

Close the letter by reiterating your appreciation for the time and consideration, as well as the trust the company placed within you in offering the position. Be sure to make ovations to the effect that future cooperation is something with which you look upon favorably. Leave your contact information and close the letter warmly. The professional respect and courtesy that you show can reap substantial rewards and unpredictable professional future.

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