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Four Things to Consider When Choosing Clothes Dryers

Four Things to Consider When Choosing Clothes Driers

Purchasing a new clothes dryer presents a vastly different set of  considerations than ever before. The standard tumble-dryer of the past offered little in the way of distinguishable features from which to choose. Today’s dryers come in all sorts of colors and sizes as well as features that allow consumers to select the dryer that will work best for their family’s needs. Consider these four key factors when choosing your next clothes dryer.


Dryers are categorized by size using cubic feet of space within the dryer’s clothing bin. Consumers can also divide their choice for dryers based on the size of the entire unit itself. If you have limited space available in your laundry room, start by shaving away from your choices the machines that exceed the square footage you have available for your dryer. Once you have pared the list down to acceptably sized machines, choose the inner space that fits your average load size best.


Dryers can come equipped with a wide array of features from which to choose. Many special drying cycles allow you to set your dryer to specifically target certain fabrics or load sizes for the most efficient drying experience. One of the more advanced features available includes the automatic moisture sensors. Moisture sensors read the level of moisture in the laundry load and adjusts the temperature and cycle time to maximize efficiency. Owners of such a machine do not have to worry about setting the dryer to a precise time for their various loads; the dryer will sense when the laundry is sufficiently dry and end the cycle accordingly.

Other features include static guarding settings, steam  drying for eliminating wrinkles, and attachments to dry shoes and other items you wish not to be tumbled.

Heating Element

When shopping for a dryer, consider the benefits of choosing a gas or electric dryer. You will need gas outlets in your laundry area in order to use a gas dryer. The difference between gas and electric dryers are largely involving the cost to purchase and operate the machines. 

Gas dryers are commonly more expensive to purchase but less expensive to operate. Of course, the cost to operate depends heavily on the cost of gas and electricity in your area, but the average utility costs suggest strongly that gas dryers are cheaper to use of the long run.


Dryers come with energy consumption ratings to infirm the buyer of the expected expense to use the machine. Check your choices for efficiency ratings before making your selection. Driers with Energy Star rating are driers that have met or exceeded the energy efficiency group, Energy Star, and will provide you the most efficient and cost-effective means for drying your laundry.

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