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Ways to Get the Best Deals on Car Rentals

Ways to Get the Best Deals on Car Rentals

Going on vacation or taking a business trip is often made easier by renting a car to get around while at your travel destination. Car-rental prices vary by outlet, location, length of the rental, and the means by which you choose to secure your vehicle. Save money on your rental by using these smart tips that will allow you to rent the kind of vehicle you want for a longer period of time. 

One way to land a great deal for your car rental is by searching the various travel discount websites. Discount websites will allow you to choose the date and destination of your trip and the type of car that you would like to rent. Oftentimes you can choose from the special deals available through the websites that coincide with your trip date and destination. Travel agencies are also viable avenues for those seeking to save money on their car-rental. Through discount websites and travel agencies, you can bundle your trip to maximize your savings. By choosing your flight, hotel, and car rental through one outlet, you can commonly save substantially versus booking all three separately. 

Keep in mind that car rental prices are commonly based on the same factors that influence the price of all of your travel needs. Renting a car during the peak season or holiday is likely to cost more than renting a car during a less busy time of year. The seasonal and holiday’s effect on your car rental price is also determined by the location from where you choose to rent your vehicle. 

One way to find extra savings in your car rental search is to search for car rental companies outside of the city to where you're traveling. A traveler visiting New York City will find it easier and less costly to rent a car from New Jersey than any of the outlets available within the city. Other cities offer similar discounts if you're willing to look for a dealer outside of the city. You can also save money by renting your vehicle from different locations within the city. For example; renting a vehicle from the airport can be less expensive than renting a vehicle from the dealer inside the city. Also, picking up your vehicle and returning it to the same location will be billed at a different rate than having your vehicle delivered to you or picked up when your travel is complete. 

Use your search resources to choose the different options available and see which combination yields the best price. Commonly, the larger vehicles cost more to rent. Occasionally dealers will offer promotional rates for certain size vehicles. Check to see if the dealer you're researching offers discounts for specific class vehicles. You may be able to rent a midsize vehicle for a rate lower than an economy or small size vehicle. Use these tips to find the best deals for your car rental and free extra money in your travel budget.

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