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What to Bring and What to Wear to a Job Interview

What to Bring and What to Wear to a Job Interview

You have applied for a job, sent a resume with cover letter and they want you to come in for an interview. Congratulations! You have been successful at every point so far. Next is the actual interview. In order to project the very best and most professional representation, you should take great care to choose what to wear and what you should bring to the meeting.

The standard wardrobe for an interview varies significantly based on a few important factors. For traditional white-collar industries, business professional attire is most appropriate for an interview. Other industries, such as creative fields or information technology, offer the challenging of guessing what style of dress would be most appropriate. You may inquire with the Human Resources staff as to what attire is most appropriate before guessing or choose business professional attire to be sure. For men and women, a business professional wardrobe should consist of a conservative suit and shirt, with a tie and polished or brushed shoes for men.

What you bring to an interview will serve to projecting an image of your preparedness and overall professionalism. If you have a presentable briefcase or professional bag, use it to carry the important items you will need to ensure a successful interview. Inside your case or bag should be two copies of your resume. You will have likely already submitted a copy, but in the event that the person interviewing you has trouble retrieving the original copy or forgets to bring it with her, you will be ready and able to provide a copy for reference. You should also carry with you names and contact information for any references you are willing to submit. The contact information can be stored electronically inside your phone or tablet as well.

An interview is as much your opportunity to learn about the company and your role should you be hired as it is a chance for the company to take a good look at you. As such, you should be prepared to ask questions to give yourself a complete view of the position and organization. Bring a paper or computer tablet with a list of prepared questions or bullet-point topics you would like to address. An interview can be a brain-taxing event as you answer questions and attempt to get your concerns answered by the interviewer. To document important minutes of the meeting, bring a tablet and pen to write down things that were discussed during the interview or details that you will want to remember after the interview is completed. 

Use the opportunity of an interview to project the best of your personality. Two ways you can achieve that aim is to dress appropriately and come prepared to make the most of the meeting. 

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